Ammeraal Beltech: Your trusted partner for safe and efficient sugar processing

In today’s exigent Food requirements, ensuring food safety is of utmost importance, especially in industries like sugar processing where contamination risks can be significant. Ammeraal Beltech, a member of the AMMEGA Group and a global leader in process and conveyor belting solutions, understands these challenges and has developed expertise in providing innovations for food safety in the sugar industry. In particular, their Arcon belts stand out as a game-changing solution that ensures the highest standards of safety.

Food safety: A core value at Ammeraal Beltech

Ammeraal Beltech has established itself as a trusted name in the sugar industry, thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience. The company’s commitment to customer proximity enables them to understand and address the unique challenges faced by their clients. This way they ensure that their solutions align with industry requirements and surpass expectations.

The concept of food safety is embedded in one of Ammeraal Beltech core values, namely safety first. Their experts recognise the significance of preventing cross-contamination and minimising workplace risks in sugar processing. As a result, the company has introduced the revolutionary Arcon belt, designed to enhance food safety, comply with stringent standards and regulations, and provide product protection against any foreign body migration.

Arcon belt for improved food safety

The Arcon belt is an innovative, extra-durable belt range that sets new standards in both people and product safety. It is meticulously engineered to withstand demanding conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. The Arcon belt features covers highly resistant to impact and abrasion, safeguarding product purity throughout the sugar processing journey.

One of the key advantages of the Arcon belt is its compliance with international standards and regulations. It holds EC 1935/2004 and FDA food-grade certifications, making it safe for contact with food. Additionally, the belt is approved for ATEX Category II, meeting the requirements for equipment operating in potentially explosive environments. With its flame-retardant (ISO 340) and antistatic properties as per ISO 21178, the Arcon belt ensures a safe working environment while minimising the risks of fire and combustion.

Sugar processing is known for its abrasive nature, and the equipment used in this industry needs to withstand extreme conditions. The belt’s construction incorporates low-weight synthetic material and strong polyester fibres, providing superior flexibility and durability. Easy-to-clean covers are highly abrasion-resistant, enabling efficient removal of sugar residues and boosting food safety.

Benefits of the Arcon belt for the sugar industry

Choose the Arcon belt to enjoy overall safety, productivity, and cost savings. The belt provides optimal protection against ambient conditions and the abrasive nature of crystal sugar. Arcon belts maintain product integrity, ensuring the delivery of high-quality sugar while preventing contamination risks.

The exceptional durability and longevity of the innovation mean reduced maintenance requirements. You can rely on reliable performance, thereby minimising downtime and associated costs. Additionally, the low weight of the belt enhances energy efficiency, promoting sustainability within the sugar processing industry.

Ammeraal Beltech: Extended application knowledge

Ammeraal Beltech expertise in the sugar industry extends beyond providing high-quality belting solutions. The company possesses extensive application knowledge, allowing them to develop specialised belts for specific sugar processing requirements. Whether it’s the transport of refined sugar or other granular products, trough conveyors, horizontal conveyors, or bucket elevators, Ammeraal Beltech has tailored solutions to cater to diverse application needs.

To guarantee compliance with the latest food safety regulations, Ammeraal Beltech constantly updates their belts in accordance with the European Food, Health Safety, and Sanitary Institutions’ guidelines. By staying up-to-date with industry standards, the company ensures their belts consistently meet the most rigid requirements, making them a trusted partner for sugar manufacturers striving for excellence in safety and quality.

Contact Ammeraal Beltech experts

Ammeraal Beltech expertise in sugar processing, customer proximity, and promotion of food safety concepts make them an international industry leader. If you’re interested in upgrading your operations and following top safety standards, contact their experts and let them design your solution.

Daniel Mosseri15.06.2023