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Ammeraal Beltech – The Innovative Extra Durable Arcon Belt Range Sets New Standards in People and Product Safety for the Sugar Industry.

Ammeraal Beltech – The Innovative Extra Durable Arcon Belt Range Sets New Standards in People and Product Safety for the Sugar Industry.

Ammeraal Beltech, a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of process and conveyor belting solutions, is excited to announce a new range of belts for the Sugar Industry, designed specifically to prevent cross-contamination, enhance food safety, and minimise workplace risk. The new Arcon belts comply with all standards and regulations; they’re EU and FDA Food Grade certified, approved for ATEX Category II, and flame-retardant and anti-static for full operational safety. What’s more, they’re engineered to last under demanding conditions, and come with covers that are highly resistant to impact and abrasion, all of which means they deliver full product protection against any foreign body migration.

Ammeraal Beltech’s new long-lasting Arcon range is designed with Sugar Industry standards and requirements in mind. Sugar is abrasive, and all the belting equipment used in the sugar industry needs to be tough enough to operate in that environment and remain undamaged, so that nothing compromises product purity. Arcon belts can do that and more; they’re constructed of low-weight synthetic material combined with strong polyester fibres for greater flexibility and durability, and the easy-to-clean covers are highly abrasion-resistant, guaranteeing not only food safety but longer belt life as well. At the same time, since sugar processing carries with it risks of fire and explosion, the Arcon belts and all their accessories (such as tracking ropes and carriers) are flame-retardant to ISO 340 standards and anti-static as well, meeting ATEX Category II requirements for equipment operating in potentially explosive environments.

A focus on safety does not, however, mean any compromise on accuracy, dependability and efficiency. The Arcon range reflects the commitment that Ammeraal Beltech has always made to quality, safety and performance. The reliability in operation, the long working life and the low weight for more energy efficiency make Arcon belts the best choice in terms of economics and productivity, while the full scope of the range’s safety features helps protect the consumer, the manufacturer, the workers and their workplace.

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