COMESSA celebrates its 100th anniversary


COMESSA the French manufacturer of industrial equipment combining thermal, aeraulic, mechanical and hydraulic processes celebrate its 100th anniversary. COMESSA (Société des Constructions Mécaniques de Schiltigheim-Strasbourg SA) was founded in 1920 in Strasbourg – France and since then, developped a wide range of equipment dedicated to the thermal processing of divided solids (crystals, powder, pellets, granules etc.) for all industries (Agro-Food, Chemical, Mining etc.).

Thanks to its strong experience and expertise in sugar drying and cooling, COMESSA has been awarded for the supply of the sugar dryer and cooler for the Durrah Sugar Refinery in Yanbu – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Project was handled by TSK (Spain) and ISGEC (India).

Despite the large throughput of 2500t/d, COMESSA supplied one single drying and cooling line, designed for 115t/h and composed of one rotary cascade dryer Ø 3.2·12 m and one fluidized bed cooler of 12.6m2 fitted with immersed internal heat exchangers. The compact sugar cooler of COMESSA, firstly succesfully installed in the early 1990’s in Europe, became one of the best ways to cool sugar and avoid caking issues during storage.

The equipment has been designed in order to optimize investment costs, minimize energy consumption while complying with layout constraints.

Besides rotary dryer and fluid bed cooler, COMESSA supplied also ancillary equipment like filter, blowers, heat exchangers, vibrating screen and wet scrubber. Erection is now achieved and commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2020 This new project will extend COMESSA’s references list with more than 1600 equipment delivered across more than 80 countries.

Year: 2020
Volume: 145
No. 12
Page: 713

Language: ENG

pdf download: 2020-713.pdf


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