Cobot palletizer

The compact CPA-10 palletizer/depalletizer enables dynamic palletizing and depalletizing on up to two pallets simultaneously. As a semi-automatic system, the unit normally operates in the fast industrial mode. When a person approaches, it automatically switches to collaboration mode.

In the version at the Segbert GmbH & Co. KG, Ahaus/Germany, the CPA-10 is designed for products such as cartons, boxes or other fixed packages that can be gripped with an HRC vacuum suction device. In the version without protective measures or in purely collaborative operation, six products can be palletized or depalletized per minute. Fitted with safety equipment, up to 11 products are possible in industrial mode. As an alternative to laser scanners or pressure mats, Segbert also developed a flexible, integrated safety guard: the entire unit can still easily be moved complete with the safety guard.

The maximum net payload is 9 kg. The robot sits on a moving height-adjustable console that is integrated as a 7th axis into the controller. The manipulator has a maximum reach of 1,200 mm, making it ideal for euro pallets. The unit is flexibly and intuitively operated using the RobAdmin Basic or Pro3D layer program developed by Segbert. For each algorithm the software automatically calculates the ideal layer pattern for the robot. The product management software is additionally integrated.

The robot is operated by a Motoman YRC1000micro high-performance controller that communicates with the programs and system control unit via open interfaces: with a cabinet volume of just 30 litres, it is extremely compact and enables optimum use of space. The hand-held programmer of the YRC1000micro controller – the lightest in its category at only 730g – is ergonomically designed and features clearly laid out operating elements. The touchscreen enables intuitive operation and simple movement and scrolling with the cursor. In addition, the robot arm can be manually guided and programmed (direct teach, DT).

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