The international journal for the sugar, sweetener and ethanol industry – beet, cane and starch.

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International journal for the sweetener industry – beet, cane and starch

Main subjects: sugar technology, sugar economy, beet and cane cultivation, biotechnology (renewable raw materials), by-products of the sugar industry, sugar analysis, starch technology, caloric sweeteners, carbohydrate chemistry.

Languages: English, German. Summaries in English, German.
Leading international journal.

Biannual supplement: ZSB Buyers Guide/Bezugsquellen.

Organ of the German Sugar Association, the German Association of Sugar Technologists and the German Sugar Occupational Insurance

Volume: 144th Volume 2019 (ISSN 0344-8657)

Editor: Dr. Jürgen Bruhns, Gregor Reiche, Daniel Mosseri

Rates: Subscription for the year 2019: EUR555.–, postage not included

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